Thursday, 23 December 2010

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Mega shark vs Giant octopus - the highlights

My abridged version of the popular 'Asylum' classic movie.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Sketchbook project update

Still working away on my sketchbook for the Arthouse co-op sketchbook exhibition.
I've been collecting peoples dreams because the theme I got for my book was 'night time stories'.
Here are some of the dreams / nightmares I've drawn so far. I've still got some space left, so if you have any dreams please let me know and I'll draw them and include them in the project!
Here are some of my favourites so far:
A red scaley zippy monster, a recurring nightmare from Glens childhood.

  A cat mimicking Ians T. voice.

Ian M.s shark attacking a battle ship.

Andy's Daleks and a wookie with binoculars at Monument.

James had a dream about zombie grannies.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Download Book 1 - Free!

You can now download Book 1 of Monstrum Horrendum for FREE! Merry Christmas!
It's still available in print (at cost price!) too, for anyone who would prefer the old school version.

Monstrum Horrendum Book 1

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

stay tuned

FREE online comics by me - coming very soon!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

An introduction to UK Small Press Comics

I've noticed that I'm getting more visitors from the USA following my exciting adventures there in September. So I thought that I'd put up some links to some other UK comics people, who you may not know about yet. The comics scene is really vibrant in the UK and Ireland and there's lots of great stuff happening. Here are some places to check out online and some folks I recommend:

*Malcy Duff : I've reviewed many of Malcys comics for Comics International magazine, but really there's no way to explain them, you just need to experience them for yourself.
*Paperjam comics is a Northeast based collective and includes work by :  Gary ,  PaulDanielBen
*Gary Northfield : Does a lot of stuff for kids after he created the very popular Derek the Sheep for the Beano. His earlier small press work has some wonderful comic timing and energetic drawings.
*Spleenal : Cartoony artwork with a very adult theme.
*Richard J Smith : Saturday morning cartoontastic
*We Are Words + Pictures , a London based collective, they make the wonderful Paper Science  :  Includes work by Tom Humberstone, and Phillipa Rice (who does 'My cardboard life', which is AWESOME!)
*Paul Rainey : 'Book of Lists' and 'There's No Time Like the Present' are great.
*I had the good fortune to meet the very talented WJC at the Thought Bubble event last year as we'd both been featured in New British Comics (which is a Polish / British anthology).
*Garen Ewing , such beautiful artwork!!
*Terry Wiley is a much respected small press veteran, his work is currently featured in the Girly comic (And I once got a cameo in the background of his Miffy comic!)
*Kristyna Baczynski  , I just love her artwork and her lovely subtle use of colour.
*Accent UK , UK Anthologies based around a theme.
*Unico comics , a local (North East!) publisher
*Patrick Brown ,  a Northern Irish creator whose ambitious work is based on an ancient Irish epic.
*Phil Barrett makes some great indie comics!
*Atomic Diner, Irish publisher.
*Find out what's happening and what's new at bugpowder (and let me know if you have news because I write for it!)
*And buy small press comics online at smallzone

I'm sure I've forgotten lots of great people and there's tons I haven't even discovered yet, so feel free to leave more links in the comments section!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Onwards and upwards

Okay, so I still have an entire moleskin to fill up for the Arthouse co-op sketchbook project. If you have any dreams you'd like to share let me know, so I can use them for the sketchbook project! Thanks to everyone who has already supplied dreams, I'll start drawing them this week.
I'm going to give my website an overhaul over the next few months and add up some video content as well as some new work and some online comics. If you've got any suggestions or comments about my site (, now would be a really good time to tell me!
There's also an exhibition coming up in January in Sunderland, if you're on the P.R.E.S.S. mailing list you will have heard about this, if you'd like to contribute just contact askpressATgmailDOTcom.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

un-Wellcome, un-Trustworthy

When you apply for a grant you expect that there's a good chance you'll receive a letter telling you that you were unsuccessful. What you don't expect is an email attachment attacking your artwork.

I applied to the Wellcome Trust in the hopes of securing a small grant to help fund a graphic novel based on my Monstrum series. The idea was to work with a science consultant, I'd also hire a professional typographer and pay for a proper print run. The book would have been my main focus for 2011 and would have included a lot of outreach programmes, a residency and public engagement workshops as part of the project.

The feedback I received told me that they had found my idea original, it fit their criteria, they were confident that I had plenty of experience and could demonstrate an ability to deliver on similar projects. They were happy with the public engagement and the science content of the project. They also told me that they were impressed with my budget and project structure.

"There will be tangible, high quality output in a short space of time. It has the capacity to engage a  wide range of audiences."

The reason I didn't get the grant was because one of the assessors decided they did not like my style of artwork. It was clearly a case of personal taste, as there was plenty of evidence that other people, including actual critics, had enjoyed my work. They then used the feedback form to critique my artwork in a nasty way. They also tried to justify this by writing patronising accounts of how they believed comics should be made.
For example:

"...unimaginatively coloured illustrations with a non-compelling narrative....Colouring is a sophisticated art that can add meaning and emotion to a work."

They clearly hadn't even read the supporting proposal properly and they overlooked some of the most important points of the project! I was really surprised and offended by the response, but the Wellcome Trust have not allowed me to lodge a complaint. I can't resubmit the project either. I have spoken informally to other people who have had dealings with the grants procedure and they tell me this is not an uncommon occurrence. Normally I wouldn't mention something like this on my blog, but since they've ignored my requests to complain in an official capacity, I'll just have to air my grievances online. By not allowing feedback from applicants it ensures that assessors will continued to get paid to ignorantly slate projects, and no-one will even check on what they're doing. How can you trust that your application will be dealt with in a professional manner?

Saturday, 23 October 2010


Some artwork I did for Octobriana Fest at the Cube cinema in Bristol.

Here's the sketch:
Here's the finished piece:

Monday, 18 October 2010

The Shark Report - Free Online Zine

The Shark Report - A zine I made a few months ago, is now available for FREE (as downloadable PDF) from lulu:

It's full of reviews of shark movies and I did a whole bunch of new paintings for it. It also contains my Jaws comic strip (which you can read on its own here)

This was originally intended for print so the 'Make your own shark movie page' is a bit awkward to read online. Here is a more web friendly version, click for bigger image:

This is the first time I've used this feature on lulu, so let me know if you encounter any problems! And please excuse the hideous preview cover of blankness, it's stuck there for the moment!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Goodbye America.

Palm trees in Ventura

Back in dreary, wet England. Sigh. And straight back to work.
I have a new comic strip to finish, then it's on to a host of new projects.
Next up is a sketch book for the art house co-op sketch book project.
Then working some more on my documentary.
Then some new pieces for an exhibition in January.
A lot of people have been asking when the next issue of Monstrum will come out. I predict sometime towards the end of 2011. The next issue is huge and I'll be working with a specialist consultant to make the science stuff more sciencey. So it's a really big project.

In the meantime, I'm going to start putting more comics up online. Many people visiting my stall at SPX were disappointed that I hadn't done a story about lady wrestlers fighting dinosaurs (which is on the cover of 'Tag Team', but doesn't feature inside), and I can't think of any good reason why I haven't done that story. So, that will probably be the next one to go online.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Asylum

I spent two days filming at The Asylum, the awesome production company behind such classics as Mega shark vs Giant octopus and Titanic II. Everyone was really nice and very enthusiastic about their work, which is always inspiring. I met lots of cool people and hopefully I'll get to go back there and do some more stuff.

Megafault and Megashark

Then I took a nice train journey up to Ventura and watched the Cold Steel Challenge, which is a weapons fighting tournament. Very exciting and the people were all very welcoming and friendly. There was a great atmosphere.

The Cold Steel Challenge!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

San Francisco

I stopped off at Isotope comics in San Francisco to leave in some comics and James invited me to draw a toilet seat for his collection (pictured). I was very honored to be asked ! I got a nice mention on their site too, check it out: By an amazing stroke of luck my hotel was next to a big art supplies store so I was able to pick up some permanent markers. You can see a Darwyn Cooke one in the background of the picture, and if you've been following my blog for a while you'll know I'm a big Darwyn Cooke fan, so it was really cool.
It's a great store with  a nice lounge to hang out and read comics in as well as an area for artists to come in and use. And (thanks to the marvel of print on demand) it's currently the only comic store where you can get my books. Otherwise you'll have to buy them online or find my stall at a comic book or small press event.
It was really foggy in San Francisco so I couldn't spot any megasharks.

Also went to Santa Cruz and had a poke around the marine labs there. Off to Los Angeles tomorrow to do a couple of days of filmmaking!!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Monstrum 2 - Awesome review!!!

One of the best reviews I've ever had! Monstrum issue 2 reviewed at Optical Sloth

Having an amazing time in the USA. Off to San Francisco today, hopefully check out Isotope comics while I'm there. Also hoping to spot a megashark chomping on the goldengate bridge. Must remember my camera.

Monday, 13 September 2010

SPX 2010 -Day Two

Awesome!!! This is a great event. I've met tons of great people. Made lots of new friends. John from Metaphrog kindly took me around and introduced me to some publishers too. On Saturday night we popped over to another convention that was happening up the road, for web comics. They had a lot more merchandise and people dressed up, but it was a bit quiet. it was interesting to see the difference in approach to selling.
My prints were very popular today, infact people were giving me more than the asking price, a lot of people said I should charge more! I've never been told that in the UK.
Here's my table buddies Brian and Clay on the lookout for customers:

I tried to resist buying stuff because I have an epic journey ahead of me. But I had to get a Scott Campbell print, they're too brilliant to pass up, and lightweight enough for me to bring along on my epic adventure. Also got some mini-comics and a great comic about a shark called Xoc by Matt Dembicki.
Hats with eyes and teeth seemed to be the runaway hit of the show, but they did have godzilla advertising them and you can't get a better endorsement than that:

Also got to hang out with a lot of the cool people I met during my last visit to DC, the DC Conspiracy crew, Matt and Shannon and Greg Bennett (who will hopefully be touring the UK with his band at the end of the year: the jet age ).
Off to San Jose now for more adventures!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

SPX 2010 - Day one

It's huuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggeeeeeeee. Small press conventions aren't this size in the UK. It's been a great experience. Well, apart from the journey here.  Delayed flights, and a missed connection meant I was a day late (so I had to scrap my day trip to DC to visit my hero Kermit the frog at the museum) and my luggage wasn't on the same plane as me, so there was some panic that it mightn't arrive in time, and it contained ALL my comics.
Anyway, it arrived just in time. The Quadropods (woolly sea creatures) sold out pretty quick and I've had a lot of good feed back about my work, and about an octopus necklace I was wearing which everyone (even the lady serving us at the noodle house) has complimented me on.

There's lots of amazing artwork on show here. I'm hoping to catch some of the panels and talks on day two as well.
I'm sharing a table with Brian Wimberley, go check out his work:

Sunday, 5 September 2010

JAWS : The untold story

 Due to a printing mishap The Shark Report will not be available at SPX, but I will be putting it online as a free PDF when I return. In the meantime, here's the real story behind JAWS, as told to me by a reliable on set source. (click on images for a better reading size)

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Look who swam home!

The woolly sea critters have arrived from Vicky Richardson. Lovingly hand made and ready to be shipped to the USA. I have built individual containment units for them, so customers can transport them safely home. And, yes, their eyes google about, like the one on my website.

Friday, 27 August 2010

old book, new review

Review of my comic Monstrum Horrendum Book 1 over at Optical Sloth.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

shark movies, comics, movies, the usual

Whitley Bay Film Festival screened Jaws at the beach last weekend. It was awesome. The beach is definitely a great place to view the ultimate shark film.  The deckchairs were a bit uncomfortable though and the poorly timed explosion at the end didn't really enhance my viewing experience.  It's a strong enough film to stand on its own as an event without all the silly extras they tried to tag on. There was also a small exhibition of Jaws merchandise and props at Links gallery.

I ran a comic making workshop at the Lit and Phil last week as part of their Viz exhibition. It went very well, we made topical comics about vultures, Jade Goodys ghost, Gordon Brown, Jesus and useless qualifications.
Dr. Mel Gibson is giving a talk there tomorrow and Simon Donald is doing a talk on Tuesday. Check out all the details here: Viz exhibition

Just sorting out the final arrangements for my whirlwind tour of the USA next month. First up is the comic festival SPX, where I will be selling the following comics:
Some Forgotten Part, Monstrum Horrendum book 1 and book 2, Tag Team, The Shark Report, Sunday
As well as lots of prints, postcards, notebooks and hopefully some little woolly sea creatures too.
I will also be adding a trip to The Asylum, makers of such cinematic classics as Megashark vs Giant Octopus, Transmorphers, Titanic 2 and Mega Pirhana, where I will be working with Volt Media to shoot a promo for my next project. Ooooh...what can it be?

Then I'll be popping up to Ventura to check out the Cold Steel Challenge fighting tournament, where I'll be cheering on 'Is it cos I'm fat?'
I'll also be visiting family and causing general mayhem on both coasts. Wooooo!
Did I mention that I'm in this months edition of Glamour magazine? Because I am.
Pick up your copy before they're all gone.

Friday, 13 August 2010


I'm enjoying drawing tigers at the moment. I don't know why. I guess it makes a change from sharks.
Almost finished my shark zine thing (cover image below) I think I'll do a very limited print run for SPX, then put it online as a free download.

In addition to my recent appearance in Glamour magazine, I'm on their website talking about myself and sounding like a big geeky fool. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Glamour Magazine, September Issue

I'm featured in the September issue of Glamour UK magazine (Newcastle edition)

We did the photoshoot and interview ages ago, it's cool to see it in print. It's not totally accurate, I've been publishing a lot longer than 2003 as stated in the article (check out the 'about me' section on my website for a proper bio), but it was a great opportunity and a chance to talk about the creative buzz currently surrounding Newcastle.
There should be a video on it's way too.

That's not me on the cover by the way, that's Katy Perry.
Although we're often mistaken for each other.

I don't know why.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Tell me about your dreams

I'm taking part in the sketchbook project:

Want to help me out? I need you to tell me about a dream or nightmare you've had. Or a bedtime story you remember from your childhood. I'll turn them in to sketchbook loveliness (with your name alongside your story, unless you'd rather be anonymous!) and it will go on a tour around the USA! Hurrah!

You can email me (leonieomooreATgmailDOTcom) your stories, or pop them in the comments section or just tell me in person if you're someone I tend to bump in to :)

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Shout out Saturday

I don't use Twitter, so I can't do 'Follow Fridays' but I did want to mention some cool people, so I've decided to do a Shout-out Saturday today. - The new store in Newcastle devoted to local handmade items. - Brilliant illustrations, I bought one of her beautiful bags a few months ago and I use it all the time. - An up and coming business with a new approach to regional journalism, this is definitely one to watch. - pop down and check out this 'Hive of creative commerce'. I had a good inspiring chat there the other day. - Michael O'Keefe zines, now available to buy online. I'd wanted to tell people to go buy his work, but you couldn't until recently, so now I can say "go buy it". - I may have mentioned this once or twice already, but I'm going to SPX in September and I'm super excited. It's a big expo for small press comic books. And it's in America, which is currently my favourite place to visit. I can't wait. - Andy Talbot Smiths new documentary. You can follow his progress as he makes it. - Settle down in Newcastle is a lovely cafe (I recommend their cinnamon bites. Mmmmm) And they've recently extended their premises to include a new venue which will be used for a variety of events and arts activities. They're open to suggestions, so if you want to use the space for something, just get in touch with Neil. - The Lit and Phil are running a Viz exhibition next month (and I'll be doing workshops at it).

Thursday, 22 July 2010


You can get my book 'Some Forgotten Part' for 15% less at until the 15th August. Follow this link and enter coupon code: BEACHREAD305

Or just visit my stall at a festival (there'll be a list on my site from now on, under the 'Exhibition' section: ) and get it way cheaper than the internet price. With an optional doodled octopus on the inside cover .

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

woolly critter

Throw away all your 'collectable' vinyl figurines, because wool is where it's at! I've enlisted the help of Vicky Richardson to turn my squiddy/octopus/generic cephalopod logo in to a lovable little crocheted creature. Here's some photos of the prototype. If anyone would like to name him I'm open to suggestions.
If we go in to production there may be a limited run available at SPX.

(above) My Logo
(below) The woolly prototype.
Me and my logo hanging out:

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My wisdom teeth are trying to kill me.

A sketch based on the film 'Hai-alarm auf Mallorca' for my next book/zine/comic/whatever 'The Shark Report.' Still undecided about the format. It's in glorious full colour which makes it all a bit pricey and awkward. I might try out Magcloud, or go for a square format and hope for the best with Lulu's rapidly declining service. Or I might even go old school and print it at home and do a hand printed cover.
I'm also starting work on a comic strip commissioned by a magazine and I've got some more workshops coming up (the next one is in August at the Lit and Phil, more details soon!)
Toothache, and a dose of antibiotics which aren't agreeing with me, meant I missed out on this years Friendship Festival and have left me pretty glum all week, but hopefully painting more fish based mayhem will help.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Wonder Woman rant

Everyone else on the internet seems to be spouting on about the new Wonder Woman costume so I thought I might as well join in.

I don't think the re-design is bad, I just don't think it's right for Wonder Woman. You can't really rebrand an icon and keep it recognisable, the best you can hope for is to just make slight adjustments. But I suspect DC just wanted some short term publicity (which they got plenty of) as opposed to a long term change. Or perhaps they're gearing up for the alleged film that's been on it's way forever.

Even the Guardian newspaper felt the need to comment. I thought their suggestion, although (hopefully) tongue in cheek, was awful and missed the point of the character. For example, I don't think Wonder Woman has to worry about putting her hair in curlers, apart from the fact she's meant to be a naturally beautiful Amazonian she's also a drawing.

So, here's my suggestion with a quick little doodle to illustrate my ideas:

And here's the thinking behind it:

Basically, it's a classic Wonder Woman look, with some modern touches.

The drapey top is based on the old 'Young Diana' outfit.

The skirt - Wonder Woman wore a skirt in her first appearance. It was changed in favour of shorts, believed to be a bit more modest. Ironically, after complaints about the content of the comic, a propsed redesign in the 40's suggested a grecian style tunic as a more proper outfit.

The skirt idea made a few comebacks during the golden age, the 80's and even in Kingdom Come. It looks a bit structured in my sketch, but I was thinking something like a hankerchief hem would be a good update, along the lines of Beyonces ridiculous outfit in Lady gaga's Telephone video. (Ridiculous for a person, perfect for a comic character)
Are skirts really impractical for a superhero? No, because it's a comic and you can choose what angles you draw things from. She had far more on show when Deodato drew her in tiny pants.

Shoes: A return to the strappy sandal, currently on trend and a Wonder Woman fashion staple during the late 40's through to the 60's. Also, they fit well with Marstons original vision of a comic filled with bondage images.

But, for the record, my favourite ever Wonder Woman artist is Darwyn Cooke. They should just let him sort it out.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat...

I made a book of little bats at the Gallery North book fair as part of the brilliant printmaking workshop. The event went really well, lots of diverse and exciting stalls and plenty of visitors. My comic workshops went really well, we made some great comics featuring (among many other random things) a misunderstood monster, a magic sausage, an unfortunate frog and some nazi zombies.
I feel very inspired to do some printmaking and I can see a run of handmade books somewhere in my near future. But, I have a ton of stuff to do first! I've got a mentoring session on Monday, which is the first chance I've had to deliver a one to one workshop, so I'm very excited. Hopefully it will lead to more. I've got a bunch of comics on the go (and not finding time to do any!) and I'm still trying to get my shark book finished in time for SPX. I'm also going to be learning to write a business plan for social enterprises through an SES course in July. I've done a business course before and written quite a few business plans, but not for a social enterprise, and P.R.E.S.S. is quite complex so it's time to get some expert advice.
I also took a trip out to Sunderland on Thursday for the Niall street / Northern Architecture event. The run down buildings have been transformed by a group of artists in to a thriving hub of activity in a very short space of time. Exciting things are happening in Sunderland!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

comic workshops - June

I'll be running some comic book workshops at the Gallery North Artists' Book Fair next weekend (26th June).

Here's all the other great stuff happening as part of the fair:

Artists’ Book Fair, Gallery North 26 June, 11 - 5pm. Gallery North presents national and international Artists' Book Makers to the region to sell and promote their work directlyto the public. An accompanying series of drop in workshops and demonstrations will also take place.

2-4pmPrint your own hand made book with established Visual Artist Victoria Paisley.

12-4pmDemonstrations in hand-sewn head bands, gold tooling and stitching.All places are free, but must be booked.

15 June - 5 July, Newcastle's Lit & Phil will be hosting an exhibition of Artists' Booksfrom the University of West of England (UWE) Centre for Fine Print Research.

29 June, 6 - 7.30pm, Loftus Room, Lit & Phil.Mick Wootton, Lecturer in Print at Northumbria University and established artist’s book maker will be giving a talk on collaborations, the development of Artist’s Books and current trends in bookmaking. To book a place, contact Lucy May Schofield will be working with Gateshead Council with her Bibliotherapy stall and a community initiative group.

Touring exhibition of books produced by students &lecturers at the CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Art). This collection will be on display during theArtists’ Book Fair at Gallery North and will be on show at 25sg, Newcastle 20th June during whichtime visitors will have the chance to handle the work and take part in a 'Show & Tell' event withother artist's book makers.

To coincide with Gallery North Artist's Book Fair Yvette Hawkins' solo show 'All the booksI have never finished' will be showing at The Gallery of Wonder, Newcastle University until 9 July 2010.

For more info or to book your place on nay of the courses/workshops contact: theresaDOTeastonATnorthumbriaDOTacDOTuk

Monday, 14 June 2010

Saturday Market

So, I went to the Point Village Comic Market in Dublin on Saturday. It's the first time they've had a comics section at the market (which is only a few weeks old itself). I had a great time, it was nice to see how much the scene has grown since I left Ireland. The standard of work was very high and there was a really positive atmosphere. My stall was next to Philip Barrett and Ciaran Lucas. I've been a fan of Phils work for a long time, (we used to stock one of his early books 'Matter' at There Goes Tokyo...) and it was lovely to catch up and see his new work. I hadn't seen Ciarans work before, but I will definitely be keeping an eye out for it again. And if you see him at a convention, be sure to get a sketch, they're amazing!

I got some lovely feedback about my work and managed to sell some  'Monstrum's, 'Tag team's, and a 'Some Forgotten Part'. My new postcards were pretty popular too.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

book, documentary, festival.

Some images from the book I'm currently working on (between all the other projects!), it's called 'The Shark Report'. I'm hoping to have it ready in time for SPX in September.
image from my next book 'The shark report'

shark attack3

Incase you're wondering, it's about sharks.

Also, (I think I forgot to post this up here, but I did remember to put it on facebook!) anyone who followed my old blog may remember that I got to go to California a couple of years ago and work on a short documentary. And learn how to shoot guns.
Well, there's an edit of the documentary up on YouTube now so you can see it for yourselves!
And if you thought this was interesting, you will be excited to know that the writer/director, Andy Talbot Smith is working on a new documentary project "Is it cos I'm fat?" You can follow his progress through his blog and twitter. Sheriff is also taking awesome photos for it.

Don't forget, if you're in Dublin next weekend come by my stall and say 'hi' at the Point Village Comic Festival. Also, please buy some things too so I don't have to carry all my stock back to England.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

point village comics website

Point Village Comic Festival now have a website:

All the info about the new comics festival in Dublin can be found there.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

New drawings

I stacked up some of my new drawings while tidying and they made an interesting new image, a woman with a shark coming out the top of her head:


This is the finished version of the lower drawing, which is being made in to a limited run postcard (hopefully in time for my stall at the Point Village comic event in Dublin)

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