Sunday, 23 May 2010

New drawings

I stacked up some of my new drawings while tidying and they made an interesting new image, a woman with a shark coming out the top of her head:


This is the finished version of the lower drawing, which is being made in to a limited run postcard (hopefully in time for my stall at the Point Village comic event in Dublin)


Thursday, 13 May 2010

I demand better 'print on demand'!

Well, I think I'm about done with Lulu. Thanks to their flawed new system, I will be without any copies of  'Some Forgotten Part'  at The Point Village Market (In Dublin on the 12th June. Yay! I have a stall there.)
So I need to sort out another place to print my work in future, but it was about time to start looking at better ways to print anyhow. Suggestions welcome (bearing in mind it's a full colour comic of great expense).
I'm also hoping to offer back issues of Monstrum as a downloadable comic, but that will require quite a bit of time and effort.
I've been working hard on my next project, a shark based book/zine/comic which should be available in time for SPX. It's going to contain diagrams and everything!
Also working on some other things, including the next part of Monstrum, which has meant getting in touch with scientists. That's right, actual scientists. Oh yeah, Monstrums getting serious. With the facts. And the science. But don't worry, there's still sea monsters galore.
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