Wednesday, 13 January 2010

early works

An early O'Moore piece, accidently unearthed during a trip to Ireland. Although no date was found, experts believe it was made around the late 1980's. The work displays many signature O'Moore flourishes, such as a man-eating shark and a fictitious sea monster.

an early work

And yes, that is a dogfish chasing a catfish in the background.

Monday, 11 January 2010


All the info about the 24 hour comic and the full Learning Revolution programme is here:

And there's a bit about the Learning Revolution event at , who co-ordinated the event.


 SUN 14 MARCH, 10.00AM

Independent press organisation P.R.E.S.S. teams up with the Tyneside to deliver an exciting 24 hour event!

We’ll be testing you to your limits with this special challenge; to create a comic book in 24 hours. The story, the artwork, and the lettering will all be completed in the time allowed. No previous experience is necessary, only enthusiasm and ideas. Comic artists and graphic designers will be on hand to assist, and dinner and breakfast is included – and lots of coffee too! But if you just fancy a taster, there will be drop-in mobile phone drawing workshops, 24 min workshops, and
Drink and Draw sessions all across Saturday.
A round the clock creative event, not to be missed!


£15 for the 24hr event. Places are limited, and advance booking essential.

FREE for public drop-in during the day. "

Saturday, 9 January 2010

new year, new to-do list

I've been  pretty busy sorting out P.R.E.S.S. stuff since new year, I've already had to pass up some nice drawing projects due to lack of time, but fear not! I have some ambitious comic ideas in the pipeline for this year.

Meanwhile, things are going well with P.R.E.S.S:
There'll be a 24 hr comic event at the Tyneside cinema in March. I can talk more about that when the programme's out and we've sorted out the finer details.
I'm working on putting together an event at the Arts Centre Washington in April. This will have a wide variety of stalls, a mobile library, talks, workshops, performances, readings, drink and draw session and a chance for networking. So far people seem excited and eager to participate, I'm currently trying to put together a broad programme and sort out the funding (which is currently unconfirmed so there's a still a chance this might not happen...!) and it needs to happen quick so I can advertise it properly.
Between March and April I'm hoping to put together a short programme of talks in Sunderland based around different areas of small press. I've lined up some great speakers, but it's all down to funding now.

A busy start to the new year!

I got a bundle of awesome zines from Natalie Frost from a project she did recently at Barbara Priestman school. The subjects covered include guinea pigs, a fair, Johnny Depp, Sonic the Hedgehog, wire (as in pieces of wire.), and robots (particularly robot dogs). Brilliant!

Also got some more artwork through for Horny Biker Sluts.

Friday, 1 January 2010

spidey covered

Happy New Year.
Already off to a good start in 2010, check out my version of a Spidey cover over at the super awesome covered blog.
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