Monday, 27 July 2009

This years conventions

I have purchased a stall at Thought Bubble. Yay! So, contrary to previous reports (and what I've been telling everyone), I will NOT be at SPX, I will NOT have a stall at BICS, but I will have one at Thought Bubble. Although, at this rate, it might be an empty stall. Hey, who even reads comics these days anyway?
Oh, and I won't be at Caption this year either.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

mushroom works exhibition (open until the 29th August)

Exhibition at the mushroom works

The exhibition at the Mushroom works is going well, the preview was really busy!
If anyone can think of a name for the super awesome idea let me know soon.
Have you been to the Toy museum in Whitley Bay? I went for the first time last weekend after playing some dinosaur golf, and it is a very strange place.

Rupert, in a captains hat and binoculors, driving a sinclair c5

Yes, that is Rupert in a Sinclair c5.

Sunday, 19 July 2009


Ever wanted to star in Jaws?


Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Want to be part of a super awesome idea?

At the moment I'm putting together a proposal for something super awesome and I need your help.

It's a community business / social enterprise to help small press comic book publishers and also help to educate and encourage others to make comics or self publish.

That's the concise version.
Okay, here's the longer version:

Ideally we'd have a physical space (Sunderland currently seems the most likely place) that could house an archive / library, education space, gallery area and studios. Perhaps a cafe/bar and a shop too. The main purpose would be to promote publishing, so as well as comics we'd include small press books, poetry, artists books, zines, blogging etc.

The education program would have two main aims, to provide workshops, lectures and debates for practitioners and also to get other people in the community to start publishing by providing them with the skills needed. We could run outreach programmes for schools and community groups, which would also provide work for artists and writers who would like to teach.

The studios and gallery would provide a space for a community of practioners to build and work together, and hopefully allow for a mixing of different disciplines. It's pretty clear that communities are vital to the small press as they allows for the sharing of expenses and the dissemination of information. We could also look in to research initiatives, such as eco friendly printing methods or using new media.

The archive would be useful for reference, it's hard to study small press as some books have such a small print run you often can't get hold of them. It would be nice to get a properly documented collection going.
The library is an easy way to engage new readers by allowing them to see what's out there for free. The cafe /bar could be a source of income and would be a great meeting place as well as providing a space for events.

The shop would, of course, help everyone sell their work. A good online presence would ensure that we could reach outside the region and work with other groups and practitioners. We could also organise group trips to events/ shows and work on travelling exhibitions and residencies elsewhere.
Running it as a community business or social enterprise would allow for any profit to be put back in to the business and could potentially allow us to give out grants (as a lot of arts grants really don't cater for small press creators, it would be good to have our own).

I've talked to quite a few people who are all very excited by the project, and I've talked to some people who really know a lot about this sort of thing and they seemed to think it was not only viable but much needed. Yay!

If you want to get involved at this early stage email me: leonieomooreATgmailDOTcom
comments and ideas would be great. I'll build up a mailing list, so even if you may not want to get involved but just like being nosy, you can sign up and find out what's happening. And you don't have to be someone who makes comics, we need to hear from non-comics people too if this is going to really work!
I would like to start a seperate blog for the project as the ball is rolling now and I want each stage of the process to be up for discussion. So, if you can think of a name for it, let me know!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

monstrum page

I've added a Monstrum Horrendum section to my website, check it out here:
Monstrum Horrendum
The release date for Book 2 has been pushed back to November, hopefully in time for Thought Bubble in Leeds.

Mushroom works exhibition - Don't forget!

Incase I haven't mentioned it enough to everyone, I thought I'd better say it again: I will be exhibiting some new work as part of the 'Quite the character' exhibition at the mushroom works. (Details below, image above) There are 6 new paintings and a 30 x 30 inch print featuring 100 characters. And everything's for sale so don't forget to bring your wallet. Oh, and some other people are exhibiting some stuff there too.

Quite The Character
18th July – 29th August 2009
Preview Friday 17th July

An exhibition celebrating illustration and comic book art.

All too often illustration is taken for granted through our day-to-day interaction with printed and online materials. This Summer Mushroom Works is dedicating its gallery space to celebrating illustration, showcasing character based images from illustrators working across the UK.

The show will feature, amongst others new work from several NE based illustrators and comic book artists including Carl Rosati, Jack Fallows, and Lucy Hammond as well as work by NE based illustrators’ group Set of Drawers.

Illustration is fast becoming a very trendy form of art. Whilst art is often for ‘art for art’s sake’, its (often overlooked) cousin, illustration is there to serve a purpose.
Mushroom Works Gallery will showcase the work of artists and illustrators who bring pages to life though their use of lines, colour, text and imagination. Quite the Character will explore this art form, offering the audience a tour of the process from concept creation to the final reproduction of the image.

Special events for this exhibition include:

Story Time
Thu 23 July, 12pm – 4pm
Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin… Gather round as Seven Stories’ storyteller spins some yarn. (Suitable for 7-10 year olds)

Drink and Draw
Sat 29 Aug, 6pm – 8pm
Drawing fun for all the family, come and add your masterpiece to our Hall of Fame. Pens, pencils and paper will be provided but please feel free to bring along your own.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

last weekend

Look out! Giant carp!

The kite festival was awesome! We had a good turn out for the workshops, Yishans Manga workshop was especially popular. Gary, Ben and Paul did a great job on the PJCC stall spreading the word about small press comics. The kites were pretty neat too. And there was some weird stuff walking about, like this thing:

nest head lady

It's a shame more of the small press community didn't get behind it, even just mentioning it on some sites or blogs would've been a help.
I'm working on some new paintings for an exhibition at the mushroom works next week.


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