mushroom works exhibition (open until the 29th August)

Exhibition at the mushroom works

The exhibition at the Mushroom works is going well, the preview was really busy!
If anyone can think of a name for the super awesome idea let me know soon.
Have you been to the Toy museum in Whitley Bay? I went for the first time last weekend after playing some dinosaur golf, and it is a very strange place.

Rupert, in a captains hat and binoculors, driving a sinclair c5

Yes, that is Rupert in a Sinclair c5.


  1. the toy museum is a great place.
    very much a local museum for local people.
    As for golf. humm, what's better than golf? Dinosaur golf!

    Once you make it big I'm sure it wont be too long before Biker sees the worlds first crazy shark golf course.

  2. If I made it big would I still live in Byker? I'd definitely make a crazy shark golf course. There'd be a very high number of fatalities but I'd have good insurance because I'd be rich. Actually, maybe Byker would be the best place for it.


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