My wisdom teeth are trying to kill me.

A sketch based on the film 'Hai-alarm auf Mallorca' for my next book/zine/comic/whatever 'The Shark Report.' Still undecided about the format. It's in glorious full colour which makes it all a bit pricey and awkward. I might try out Magcloud, or go for a square format and hope for the best with Lulu's rapidly declining service. Or I might even go old school and print it at home and do a hand printed cover.
I'm also starting work on a comic strip commissioned by a magazine and I've got some more workshops coming up (the next one is in August at the Lit and Phil, more details soon!)
Toothache, and a dose of antibiotics which aren't agreeing with me, meant I missed out on this years Friendship Festival and have left me pretty glum all week, but hopefully painting more fish based mayhem will help.