May the 4th Blob with you!


Here's a new Blob Painting for May the 4th, AKA Star Wars day. Out of a poll of 4 characters on Instagram, the Loth Cat was chosen as my next victim. I mean, subject. No, wait, victim is probably correct.

I've been doing this style of painting for many years using watercolor and masking fluid. Blob Paintings may look like simple things (and they are) but I still have a process and rules of what works and what doesn't work for this style. 

The character needs to be well known with a design that works well simplified - no complicated costumes, preferably no costume at all. That's why creatures/ aliens/ monsters tend to work better than people. The image is always full body, so characters we only see part of are usually no good for this either. I also try to do the painting with no reference, just from memory. Although not always accurate, this gives it a more spontaneous feel and stops me from getting caught up on details. It's important to let the paint do it's thing, working with it rather than against it to create interior details. I always do them on a plain background because I think it works better that way. And finally, the googlier the eyes, the better.

Below are some of my previous Star Wars Blob Paintings. Jabba was the earliest one and definitely set the standard. I know there's some debate around Max Rebo as a full figure (are they feet or hands?), but I went with this version because I'm sure I've seen products where he looks this way. And I thought it'd be cute! Bossk and Bib were probably the most challenging because of their outfits, but I think I managed to simplify them down okay.

Happy Star Wars day, May the 4th be with you!