Graphic Novel 'Sea Wraiths of Pangley' - Update


An update on the original graphic novel I've been working on -  Sea Wraiths of Pangley.

Sea Wraiths of Pangley –
The sleepy fishing village of Pangley is shocked when a young girl goes missing. The only witness is her older sister Yira, who swears she was taken by Sea Wraiths. The villagers don’t believe her, after all, Sea Wraiths are just a myth. While everyone else wastes time looking on land, Yira sets out to look in the sea. She’s determined to find her sister and prove that Sea Wraiths are real.

 It’s a fantasy story that also has some action, a little spookiness and a lot of heart.

It's 136 pages of story. The script is complete. Here's where I'm up to with the art:
Layouts - Up  to page 132 complete.
Pencils - Up to page 120 complete
Inks - Up to page 115 complete
Flats - Up to page 50 complete
Colors- Up to page 23 complete
Letters- Up to page 23 complete

I've started sending it out to publishers and agents but no joy yet. The book will get finished regardless, I'm too far into it to turn back now!

Here's a preview of some completed pages. Lettering is by Micah Myers (