Welcome to Pangley.


Page 1, unlettered, of my Graphic Novel in progress.

I'm making a little bit more progress on my Graphic Novel "Sea Wraiths of Pangley" between other projects. I might start querying / pitching it soon, but at the moment I'm just enjoying the process. My plan is to complete it, whether it gets picked up or not. I've previously blogged about the project here.

Above is the first page of the book. It takes place in the fictional seaside village of Pangley. It's a fantasy/adventure book which I think would fall under Middle Grade Graphic Novel. Here you can see Yira, the main protagonist, walking with her sister along the beach and yes, those are giant snails in the background.

At the moment I'm up to 58 pages of inks, 18 pages of flats and one full color. The book will be at least 124 pages. 

If you'd like to see more of the book as it progresses, I often share little snippets on Instagram and Twitter.