'FAB Breakout Book 1: Mad World' Announced.


Cover Art by Alex Ronald.

FAB, the debut title from UK publisher Storyworlds, has announced an all-new addition to its fall catalogue, FAB Breakout Book 1: Mad World.

The anthology titles include stories and art from the following creators: Felicity’s Fabulous Fuzzy Friends (W: Helen Mullane, A: Vasilis Lolos); Look Ma (W:  Murewa Ayodele, A: Adeotun Akande); Cheap Meal (W: Ramzee, A: Fernando Pinto); I Need A Hero (W: Anne Toole, A: Connor Boyle); Fab Play (W: Kek W, A: Yishan Li); Fabrophobia (W: Liam Johnson, A: Gabbie Scanlon); Baby Boom (W: Leonie O'Moore, A: Kelsey Ramsey, Co: Lou Ashworth); Fab-bing In The Woods (W: Ned Hartley, A: Dan Boultwood); Avatara (W: John Tomlinson, A: Amoona Saohin); Shifts (W: Jarred Lujan, A: Alexey Ivanov).

FAB Breakout Book 1: Mad World hits shelves this fall.