Buffyverse Art

The Art of the Buffyverse Group Tribute is currently on display at Creature Features, Burbank. It runs until Nov. 26th. Here's a look at the pieces I created for the show:

I based this painting on the Season 3 episode 'The Wish', written by Marti Noxon and directed by Davis Greenwalt.
I love that sci-fi and fantasy series can explore things like alternative universes. It's a fun story set up but it also allows you to take a fresh look at characters you're familiar with. Unlike most alternative universe or 'What if?' stories, the events in this episode have an ongoing impact in the main Buffy universe. This episode also introduces Anya, who goes on to become a main character.

The original watercolor painting is for sale. Prints accented in either gold or silver are also available.

'This Year's Girl'
This painting is based on the Season 4 episode, written by Doug Petrie and directed by Michael Gershman. Again, it's another classic sci-fi/fantasy set up - the body swap scenario. This allows us to see things from the perspective of Faith, a complex and conflicted character. The painting shows the moment they swap, with Faith as Buffy and Buffy as Faith.
The original watercolor painting is for sale and prints are available. 

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