Art of the Buffyverse

Art of the Buffyverse: A 20th Anniversary Group Tribute

A Buffy themed exhibition, celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the TV show, opens at Creature Features, Burbank on November 11th 2017.

I'd taken a break from exhibiting, but as a Buffy fan I couldn't pass up the chance to contribute to this show. I'll have two new paintings and some hand finished prints on display.

Opening reception is Saturday, November 11th from 6pm – 9pm. Admission is $5 and includes refreshments and other surprises!

The show runs through Sunday, November 26th, during regular gallery hours.

Promo art by Laz Marquez

Artists include:

Bonnie Bozell
Gerson Campos
Tim Cahill
Brenda Chi
Chris Clubb
Mike Collins
Shelley Couvillion
Christine Cronin
Kyle Cummings
Rich Davies
Bryant Dillon
Jeremy Fitzgerald
Erin Gallagher
Lindsey Gilbert
Kim Gottlieb-Walker
Ashley R. Guillory
Hanzel Haro
Robert Heckman
Josh Hickman
Mary J. Hoffman
Robert Jimenez
Paul Johns
Chuck Kerr
Ama Lea
Dan Litzinger
Dani Manning
Laz Marquez
Smokin' Joe McWilliams
Yehudi Mercado
Tessa Morrison
Leah N. Olbrich
Leonie O'Moore
Ekaterina Orlovie
kAt Philbin
Rohitash Rao
Drew Rausch
Aleksey Rico
Chris Riley
Morgane RMB
Mikel Samson
Martin Schlierkamp
Dominick Sherry
Jenn Shieh (AlohaJennArt)
Carlos Sierra
Javier Soto
Todd Spence
Michael Stiles
Mark Tavares
Chris Thorne
Ben Turner
Tom Valente
Jeff Victor
Paige Halsey Warren
Woody Welch
Steven Russell Wells
Ryan Wilkins
Trina White
Jared Wright

Creature Features is located at 2904 W Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, California 91505