New things!

Print Release for Double Dead:
Lightning Strike Comics ( ) will be releasing print editions of my comic 'Double Dead' at Dublin Comic Con in August. (  )
Digital editions are currently available through ComiXology : 

Upcoming Exhibitions!
I'm working on some new pieces for two upcoming exhibitions. A Godzilla themed show at Creature Features in Burbank, which opens in August
And some pieces for the Zombie Fashion Show which is part of Pancakes and Booze LA in September:
I will be releasing 'work in progress' shots on Instagram over the next few weeks :

Children's Book:

The Children's book series 'Laffnatter' written by Glen Doyle is now available as a collected edition in print form. Laffnatter Book

New projects:

I'm working on quite a few new comic projects right now. You can find process and 'work in progress' shots on my Instagram page for some of them: