Law of The Paw

Law of The Paw

An Original Graphic Novel

Written by Glen G.Doyle
Art by Leonie O'Moore
Lettered by Fonographiks
Logo design by Mike Stock

 Well over two thousand years ago, Fenrir and his werewolf clan were living at the top of the global food chain -- but destiny changed in a heartbeat and the clan found themselves abruptly banished to a then “undiscovered” North America by three immortal sorcerers, never allowed to kill humans again. It was decided by these sorcerers that should even a single drop of human blood be drawn by any of the werewolf clan in the future - the entire bloodline would be exterminated without mercy.
For thousands of years these werewolves abide by the “Law of the Paw", but in present day America their survival is at stake when the elders of the clan become divided on how best to ensure their continued existence when they suddenly realize that they are now the hunted.

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