Scarlet Star

I'm excited to announce a great new comic. Comic Heroes magazine and Comic Review digital magazine will be running a series of new strips based on old DC Thomson characters, thanks to a project developed by the Glasgow League of Writers(GLoW).
I've been working on 'Scarlet Star' which is based on the Red Star Roberts (1930s - The Wizard) and Red Star (1970s - Hotspur) strips.
Scarlet Star is written by Sam Read ( ) and lettered by Colin Bell, with artwork by me. We'll be introducing Scarlet Star this week with a 6 page strip in Comic Review issue 9.

Here's a list of the other strips they'll be running:

The Smasher by Gordon Robertson (writer) and Cuttlefish (artist)
General Jumbo by Gordon Mclean (writer) and Andrew Docherty (artist)
Invisible by Gary Chudleigh (writer) and Graeme Kennedy (artist)
Johnny Jett by Luke Halsall (writer) and John Grieve (artist)
Supercats by J T Mirana (writer) and Fanny Bystedt (artist)

An article over on Comic Buzz about how the project came together:

And a preview article in Comic Review: