Rocket Raccoon

So I decided to do a drawing of Rocket Raccoon. 
Partly because he's all over the place right now (what with the new movie and all) but also because I've been drawing and looking at a lot of raccoons lately and thought it'd be fun to draw one with a gun. There's a lot of road kill raccoons in our area, they really could do with guns. 
Not a character I'm hugely familiar with, mainly just through a passing look at Mignola's run. But he is a lot of fun to draw.

 Costume notes and initial sketch.
Finished painting
Sadly, Rocket Raccoon's co-creator, writer Bill Mantlo, is in need of ongoing care after being struck by a hit and run driver. There is a donation set up to help with the costs of his care. If you'd like to contribute there's more info on Greg Paks website: