Getting the studio together

I've been testing out my new art materials!
I didn't take much stuff with me, just a few favourite paintbrushes, paints and pens. So I bought a bunch of stuff from Blick online to try out some different papers.
Layout paper seems to be much heavier weights here, so I'll need to sort out a better light box set-up. I got a great drawing board (I've never owned a drawing board before!) which has a glass top, but I'm struggling to get the angle lamp at the right angle to make it a decent light box. The Bristol Board I got takes much heavier watercolour abuse, which is great because I tend to go a bit crazy with washes. I finally got a series 7 brush for inking (I'm maybe the only comic artist on the planet who didn't have one of these) and I can see what all the fuss is about. So much easier to use! And I got proper cleaning fluid for it, because a lot of my other inking brushes tended to get clogged with Indian ink over time, and then it was like inking with a wonky stick.
I used the 'testing new products' excuse to rejoin the 'Weekly Themed Art Blog', which I've missed for quite a while. Above is my contribution for 'Female characters' (and also trying out my new brush and seeing how watercolour sits on the new board).
I don't have a scanner yet and my computer is somewhere on the Atlantic right now (the few things we shipped should have been here weeks ago, where's our stuff? Some stupid sea monster is probably trying on my clothes right now and reading my books...), so I've been relying on my phone to send images around.