80's update

Julia wanted pancakes for breakfast. Stupid servants!

I managed to get a bit further along with my 80's epic comic book (It has actually got a proper working title, but I feel like I'd be jinxing it if I started calling it by it's name when there's still so much to be done.)
I've also done a pin-up illo for an upcoming anthology and an illustration for a great short story (which should hopefully appear in a magazine sometime soon).

Julia, the central character.

This is Victor. Poor, poor Victor.

The comic has been my main focus though for the last few weeks.
But, for now, I must put it aside and concentrate on a new project. A huge project that I'm very excited about.
I've just been hired as an artist on a new graphic novel. It's going to be awesome!!! Great writer and a great letterer are also on board so it's going to be amazing (well, at least the story and the lettering will be amazing...)
I'll be super busy with it for the next few months, so things might be even quieter on here.

In other news, Comic Heroes Magazine gave my Monstrum Horrendum comics a lovely little review! Hurray!