Even more mermaids!

Don't you hate it when you're out having a wander and your enemy sneeks up behind you on some sort of shark monster? But, don't you just love when you're taking your shark monster for a swim and you spot your enemy?
That's the basic idea behind this first picture:
I guess after drawing mermaids for my latest comic I thought I might as well just carry on with it. Here's the stages the picture went through:

Pencil sketch


This painting shows what happens when you forget to feed your pet octopus:

I did the initial sketches for this using a Wacom Inkling:

But then, I found a neat thing that the Inkling does....it can play back your drawing line by line so you can watch it being drawn:

And here's what the image looked like once it had been inked:

Both paintings are available to buy. They are A3, watercolour and ink on Bristol Board, 50 GBP each including postage and packaging. They come rolled in a sturdy postal tube. Paypal accepted.
Email me at LeonieomooreATgmailDOTcom if you'd like to buy either (or both...)