Some new art for Luke's Lemons

A few months ago my nephew Luke (age 7) was diagnosed with leukemia. He and his brother decided to raise money to help other children with leukemia, but rather than open up the traditional lemonade stand they decided to sell 'digital lemonade' and so 'Luke's Lemons' was born. Lukes Lemons is a non-profit organisation that helps to raise money for leukemia research.

Luke's been really brave, he's going through a lot and keeps on fighting with a strength and determination well beyond his years. It's wonderful that he and his brother were so quick to think of others and they've already managed to raise and distribute $2000 towards leukemia research.
If you'd like to help them you can buy digital artwork for a small fee via their Monkeybars page.  All the money goes to charity.

I contributed some artwork to the cause:
A lemon themed picture (of course)

And a sea turtle (because Luke likes sea turtles)

The lemon artwork is currently available to buy.
You can purchase it here:

Or check out Luke's Lemons for more art:

The sea turtle painting will be realeased at a later date.