Old Interviews Recovered! Graphic Novelists of the world rejoice!

My last blog got swamped with spam, had logging in issues and eventually just disappeared entirely (still not sure how that happened?).
 It didn't bother me because there was nothing important on there....although it was a lot more action/adventure than this blog (Martial arts! Shark diving! Apollo Creed Finger Puppets!) , it was still just general ramblings, work in progress and my other usual nonsense.
Then I remembered that I had a bunch of interviews on there, which I had done as part of my MA dissertation. They were a pretty good read, and useful for anyone else studying graphic novels. (Sorry to anyone who'd linked to them!)

Luckily, I've managed to retrieve them from the abyssal plains of the internet, thanks to the wonders of the Way Back Machine!

Here's the Bryan Talbot Interview from October 2005:

Andi Watson Interview, March 2006

Paul Rainey Interview, November 2005