Onwards and upwards

Okay, so I still have an entire moleskin to fill up for the Arthouse co-op sketchbook project. If you have any dreams you'd like to share let me know, so I can use them for the sketchbook project! Thanks to everyone who has already supplied dreams, I'll start drawing them this week.
I'm going to give my website an overhaul over the next few months and add up some video content as well as some new work and some online comics. If you've got any suggestions or comments about my site (http://www.lomoore.com/), now would be a really good time to tell me!
There's also an exhibition coming up in January in Sunderland, if you're on the P.R.E.S.S. mailing list you will have heard about this, if you'd like to contribute just contact askpressATgmailDOTcom.