An introduction to UK Small Press Comics

I've noticed that I'm getting more visitors from the USA following my exciting adventures there in September. So I thought that I'd put up some links to some other UK comics people, who you may not know about yet. The comics scene is really vibrant in the UK and Ireland and there's lots of great stuff happening. Here are some places to check out online and some folks I recommend:

*Malcy Duff : I've reviewed many of Malcys comics for Comics International magazine, but really there's no way to explain them, you just need to experience them for yourself.
*Paperjam comics is a Northeast based collective and includes work by :  Gary ,  PaulDanielBen
*Gary Northfield : Does a lot of stuff for kids after he created the very popular Derek the Sheep for the Beano. His earlier small press work has some wonderful comic timing and energetic drawings.
*Spleenal : Cartoony artwork with a very adult theme.
*Richard J Smith : Saturday morning cartoontastic
*We Are Words + Pictures , a London based collective, they make the wonderful Paper Science  :  Includes work by Tom Humberstone, and Phillipa Rice (who does 'My cardboard life', which is AWESOME!)
*Paul Rainey : 'Book of Lists' and 'There's No Time Like the Present' are great.
*I had the good fortune to meet the very talented WJC at the Thought Bubble event last year as we'd both been featured in New British Comics (which is a Polish / British anthology).
*Garen Ewing , such beautiful artwork!!
*Terry Wiley is a much respected small press veteran, his work is currently featured in the Girly comic (And I once got a cameo in the background of his Miffy comic!)
*Kristyna Baczynski  , I just love her artwork and her lovely subtle use of colour.
*Accent UK , UK Anthologies based around a theme.
*Unico comics , a local (North East!) publisher
*Patrick Brown ,  a Northern Irish creator whose ambitious work is based on an ancient Irish epic.
*Phil Barrett makes some great indie comics!
*Atomic Diner, Irish publisher.
*Find out what's happening and what's new at bugpowder (and let me know if you have news because I write for it!)
*And buy small press comics online at smallzone

I'm sure I've forgotten lots of great people and there's tons I haven't even discovered yet, so feel free to leave more links in the comments section!