The Shark Report - Free Online Zine

The Shark Report - A zine I made a few months ago, is now available for FREE (as downloadable PDF) from lulu:

It's full of reviews of shark movies and I did a whole bunch of new paintings for it. It also contains my Jaws comic strip (which you can read on its own here)

This was originally intended for print so the 'Make your own shark movie page' is a bit awkward to read online. Here is a more web friendly version, click for bigger image:

This is the first time I've used this feature on lulu, so let me know if you encounter any problems! And please excuse the hideous preview cover of blankness, it's stuck there for the moment!


  1. The Lulu link is giving me page not found...

  2. The link points to a 'cannot be found' page (but searching Lulu led me to the fanzine).

    Well, The Shark Report (and a late night cheese and ham toastie) inspired some pretty wild, schlocky shark attack dreams.

    All viewed in a weird 'gods eye' 'when sharks attack!' cam (with voice over), the one I remember most clearly had a giant shark attack a military boat which capsized, misfiring a surface to air missile as it went.

    The missile spiraled back into the water blowing up a small submarine and wiping out a group of swimmers (leaving a large bloody cloud in the water).

    Another featured an actress, swimming by a yacht, filming a documentary on sharks until the voice over guy commented "everything was going fine until her hand touched a dinosaur".

    They were strangely scary.

  3. Sorry about that!!! I've fixed it now.

    Ian, your dreams sound like movies I'd watch! Dinosaurs and sharks? Awesome! If you don't mind, can I use them in my sketchbook project?

  4. Please do. The missile dream was in a tropical island setting, the dinosaur and shark one (big, scaly, green) was in Florida reed swamp like territory.


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