SPX 2010 - Day one

It's huuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggeeeeeeee. Small press conventions aren't this size in the UK. It's been a great experience. Well, apart from the journey here.  Delayed flights, and a missed connection meant I was a day late (so I had to scrap my day trip to DC to visit my hero Kermit the frog at the museum) and my luggage wasn't on the same plane as me, so there was some panic that it mightn't arrive in time, and it contained ALL my comics.
Anyway, it arrived just in time. The Quadropods (woolly sea creatures) sold out pretty quick and I've had a lot of good feed back about my work, and about an octopus necklace I was wearing which everyone (even the lady serving us at the noodle house) has complimented me on.

There's lots of amazing artwork on show here. I'm hoping to catch some of the panels and talks on day two as well.
I'm sharing a table with Brian Wimberley, go check out his work: http://double-es.blogspot.com/