San Francisco

I stopped off at Isotope comics in San Francisco to leave in some comics and James invited me to draw a toilet seat for his collection (pictured). I was very honored to be asked ! I got a nice mention on their site too, check it out: By an amazing stroke of luck my hotel was next to a big art supplies store so I was able to pick up some permanent markers. You can see a Darwyn Cooke one in the background of the picture, and if you've been following my blog for a while you'll know I'm a big Darwyn Cooke fan, so it was really cool.
It's a great store with  a nice lounge to hang out and read comics in as well as an area for artists to come in and use. And (thanks to the marvel of print on demand) it's currently the only comic store where you can get my books. Otherwise you'll have to buy them online or find my stall at a comic book or small press event.
It was really foggy in San Francisco so I couldn't spot any megasharks.

Also went to Santa Cruz and had a poke around the marine labs there. Off to Los Angeles tomorrow to do a couple of days of filmmaking!!