Shout out Saturday

I don't use Twitter, so I can't do 'Follow Fridays' but I did want to mention some cool people, so I've decided to do a Shout-out Saturday today. - The new store in Newcastle devoted to local handmade items. - Brilliant illustrations, I bought one of her beautiful bags a few months ago and I use it all the time. - An up and coming business with a new approach to regional journalism, this is definitely one to watch. - pop down and check out this 'Hive of creative commerce'. I had a good inspiring chat there the other day. - Michael O'Keefe zines, now available to buy online. I'd wanted to tell people to go buy his work, but you couldn't until recently, so now I can say "go buy it". - I may have mentioned this once or twice already, but I'm going to SPX in September and I'm super excited. It's a big expo for small press comic books. And it's in America, which is currently my favourite place to visit. I can't wait. - Andy Talbot Smiths new documentary. You can follow his progress as he makes it. - Settle down in Newcastle is a lovely cafe (I recommend their cinnamon bites. Mmmmm) And they've recently extended their premises to include a new venue which will be used for a variety of events and arts activities. They're open to suggestions, so if you want to use the space for something, just get in touch with Neil. - The Lit and Phil are running a Viz exhibition next month (and I'll be doing workshops at it).