Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat...

I made a book of little bats at the Gallery North book fair as part of the brilliant printmaking workshop. The event went really well, lots of diverse and exciting stalls and plenty of visitors. My comic workshops went really well, we made some great comics featuring (among many other random things) a misunderstood monster, a magic sausage, an unfortunate frog and some nazi zombies.
I feel very inspired to do some printmaking and I can see a run of handmade books somewhere in my near future. But, I have a ton of stuff to do first! I've got a mentoring session on Monday, which is the first chance I've had to deliver a one to one workshop, so I'm very excited. Hopefully it will lead to more. I've got a bunch of comics on the go (and not finding time to do any!) and I'm still trying to get my shark book finished in time for SPX. I'm also going to be learning to write a business plan for social enterprises through an SES course in July. I've done a business course before and written quite a few business plans, but not for a social enterprise, and P.R.E.S.S. is quite complex so it's time to get some expert advice.
I also took a trip out to Sunderland on Thursday for the Niall street / Northern Architecture event. The run down buildings have been transformed by a group of artists in to a thriving hub of activity in a very short space of time. Exciting things are happening in Sunderland!