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Some images from the book I'm currently working on (between all the other projects!), it's called 'The Shark Report'. I'm hoping to have it ready in time for SPX in September.
image from my next book 'The shark report'

shark attack3

Incase you're wondering, it's about sharks.

Also, (I think I forgot to post this up here, but I did remember to put it on facebook!) anyone who followed my old blog may remember that I got to go to California a couple of years ago and work on a short documentary. And learn how to shoot guns.
Well, there's an edit of the documentary up on YouTube now so you can see it for yourselves!
And if you thought this was interesting, you will be excited to know that the writer/director, Andy Talbot Smith is working on a new documentary project "Is it cos I'm fat?" You can follow his progress through his blog and twitter. Sheriff is also taking awesome photos for it.

Don't forget, if you're in Dublin next weekend come by my stall and say 'hi' at the Point Village Comic Festival. Also, please buy some things too so I don't have to carry all my stock back to England.