Back to the USA!

Well, I'm all booked up for SPX this year. At least I think I am. Flights and hotel are booked and the money order went off for a half stall, but it's a few months until they confirm your payment, which makes me nervous. Due to the crushing financial outlay for such a venture I doubt I'll be at any other events this year, but I think it'll be worth it. Any excuse to go back to the USA.
It's unlikely that Monstrum 3 will be ready by September. I know, it seems so far away, but it'll be at least another month before I get back to doing any comics, and Monstrum is a massive undertaking. It may look effortless and like a child could do it in a weekend, but it actually takes a long time to paint it and scan it.
I will have a new comic/zine/book hybrid thing out for SPX, which will be fish related. If you enjoy my shark movie reviews you'll definitely want a copy. I guess I won't be printing too many copies...