Thought Bubble and all the other goings on.

It was Thought Bubble at the weekend and I spent pretty much all of Saturday behind my stall, venturing out briefly to say hello to some people and to show around the Horny Biker Sluts book (more about that in a minute).
My stall did better than I was expecting, with prints being especially popular.

I did some new postcards too, but decided at the last minute to give them away free:

Here's how the stall looked:

It's the first time I've had so many of my comics in one place, they're usually only available online.

The event itself was great (although I missed the talks and didn't get much of a chance to look about), there was a good mix of work and I got to meet lots of great people, including Tony Hitchman who I've collaborated with for ages but had never actually met in person!

The Horny Biker Slut book was debuted at the event. It currently contains work from me, Spleenal, Terry Wiley and Vanessa Wells. When it's full of work it will go off on it's merry way touring about as an exhibition in a book. I was surprised by how many people didn't get the concept of the book as a piece of art, but I guess that may be because I was showing it to people who had turned up to buy books not just look at them.
The book itself is a stunningly hefty A3 tome hand made by book binder extraordinaire Deirdre Thompson.

The exhibition at the Lit and Phil is still going well (it's up until the 23rd of December). There's a book and ephemera sale on at the Lit and Phil this weekend, which sounds awesome, so if you're planning on poppoing down I'd suggest doing it then.

My paintings are based on the people who were linked to the society and related collections (hence all the bird paintings from Hancocks collection of stuffed creatures).

I went to the Great North Musuem (formally the Hancock Museum)to do research and did sketches based on the collections there.

My friend Sam (from way back in my Kali days) will be performing at the Sage tomorrow as part of the 'Computer games live' event. It looks like it will be awesome and I'm looking forward to it. Tickets available from the Sage.