Monstrum Horrendum Book 2 Vol 2

Monstrum Horrendum Book 2 Vol. 2 is now officially finished. Yay!
There are some small mistakes, but that's the fun of small press. I may go back and put in a missing word, but the original first print copies will be available at Thought Bubble in Leeds and are currently available through lulu:

If you can spot the mistakes you might win a prize. (note the word 'might' in that statement)

The typography (as usual) needs improvement, but overall I think it's better than the last one. I took a slightly different approach to the artwork, and although it was a lot harder to make, it meant I could retain a finer line. Maybe now people will stop telling me that it looks like a woodcut. It was done with a paintbrush, ink and watercolours. Fact!