What I've been doing

This is what I've been working on recently: The next Accent UK anthology 'Predators', A pin-up for a colouring book based on characters by Richard J Smith, and issue 2 of NBC.
And here's the cover for Book 2 of Monstrum Horrendum, which is crawling along at a snail's pace, but should be done in time for Thought Bubble:

We still need a name for this, so far here are some of the suggestions:

publish central

publishing network

publishing nexus

publish link

press nation


publish connect


The stapled centre

print north

Like any of them? Have a suggestion? Let me know. I'm making some great strides with the project, but we really do need a name.

According to an article in the Guardian about my favourite film studio 'The Asylum' (if you have sky you will probably have come across some of their classics such as 'snakes on a train' and 'transmorphers') Mega shark vs giant octopus is going to have a cinema release. Wow. I'm assuming it's down to my glowing review.


  1. I like pressville best out of this bunch.

    How about "The Picture House"? I suppose you'd have to have in an abandoned 30s cinema though...

  2. If only we could find an abandoned cinema! How ace would that be?
    It's hard to find a name that encompasses books and zines as well as comics. I'm starting to think it might be best to have an interesting name that doesn't explain much. It might make people want to know more.

  3. "Pressville" plays on the community aspect. I like it.

  4. the wife needs a name for her business too. She wants to make clothes and cushions, pillows and bags ect.
    I suggested the cozy wozy empire.
    she said no.
    She also didn't like the snuggly republic.
    So I'm probably not the best person to ask.


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