last weekend

Look out! Giant carp!

The kite festival was awesome! We had a good turn out for the workshops, Yishans Manga workshop was especially popular. Gary, Ben and Paul did a great job on the PJCC stall spreading the word about small press comics. The kites were pretty neat too. And there was some weird stuff walking about, like this thing:

nest head lady

It's a shame more of the small press community didn't get behind it, even just mentioning it on some sites or blogs would've been a help.
I'm working on some new paintings for an exhibition at the mushroom works next week.



  1. Didn't notice the huge kite arch of blue Diamonds until I took a second glance! Looks like it was a nice day for it.

    Want a little win-win tip for publicizing your event? Just compose a short interesting piece about something specific that has occured at the kite festival.

    It's nice for me since it adds content to my site, but it's nice for you also, since my site draws many hundreds of visitors per day - some of these will end up reading your piece. Hence more people will be aware that the event exists. Around half my visitors do come from the US.

  2. thanks, I've passed that on to the organisers, I'm sure they'll appreciate some publicity!


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