not long now...

Only eight days until I go to Washington DC to share my amazing artwork with unsuspecting american citizens. Bryan Talbot's kindly hooked me up with a comic contact to say 'hi' to while I'm there, if anyone else knows any DC based comics people please let me know.
Also, there are still stalls available at the festival in sunderland in July. We've got some awesome people already signed up, but I need to get them all filled by thursday, so please pass the word around. Bugpowder, normally so reliable, seem to be ignoring the event.
I've got the t.v. on in the background and I want to know, why has Sky paid for stupid James May to go hang out with great white sharks? Why didn't they pay for me to do that? I don't know anything about cars, how would he like it if I got a ton of money to go make a car show? I bet he'd be angry. I'm going to cancel my Sky account in disgust.


  1. Don't know if you're familiar with any of the DC Conspiracy folks already, but they seem right up your street.

  2. Thanks, got in touch with them and we are arranging to meet up. Awesome!


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