'Trick of Time' Begins!

My new webcomic 'Trick of Time' has just launched.
It's an ongoing story that will be updated every two weeks with a new episode. You can read it for free on Webtoons:
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'Trick of Time' is about a family of three witches in the 17th Century who use magic to try to escape the horrors of an impending witch trial. Then things take an unexpected turn...

The story is a bit more lighthearted than some of my previous work. I wanted to work on something more relaxed and fun as I felt that we could all do with those sort of stories right now.

I'll have more updates and 'work in progress' shots on my social media pages too so you can follow my progress and get some sneak peeks at upcoming episodes. ( @leonieomoore on Twitter and Instagram, facebook - /leonieomooreartist). The comic is available for free on the Webtoons site and app, but if you enjoy it and you'd like to leave a tip I now have a Ko-fi page : ko-fi.com/leonieo