24 hour comic challenge -the aftermath.


I am glad to report that the 24 hour comic challenge was a huge success. The workshops were brilliant, the Drink and Draw was busy and the challenge was booked out. Participants finished their comics (some with plenty of time to spare), and the comics were really good. Next week, I'll be finding out what is happening with the finished comics, hopefully they'll become available for everyone to read.

Here's some stickers we made at the mobile drawing workshop:
(Clockwise from top left: Ackbar warns of a trap!, a monster eating hearts, a raggedtooth shark hogs the camera)
There are photos from the event at the Tyneside Flickr page:


  1. Hey Leonie, are the comics going to be online anywhere? Or did I miss that one :-)

  2. Hi,
    Good question! I'm not sure what's happened with them, but I am going to find out tomorrow and let everyone know.


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