I'm back.

View from Montserrat

After a nice break in Spain (photos here) I'm back, refreshed and ready to work on some kick-ass events. Okay, that's a lie, I'm ready to stay in bed all day, but unfortunately that's not an option.
So, there's going to be a small press event at the arts centre Washington on the 10th of April. We need artwork from small press people to advertise it and some volunteers to help run it. Of course, one of the main reasons of running these events was to find more people who wanted to get involved and help out, so it's tough to get this organised.
Things are moving along again with P.R.E.S.S. after some really good meetings last week. Eventually I'll set up a blog or something so I don't have to ramble on about it here and I can get back to reviewing shark movies and drawing pictures.
I'm also back on Bugpowder, so I can share all the small press news that people keep emailing me.